Joy At Large
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"We have not worked with a facilitator before that has Joy's style; her creativity and ability to command an audience, calmness and diligence in making people think in a fairly neutral environment, and how she is able to have a big impact with a large audience in such a quiet and gracious way." We Leverage Creativity for Impact

"Joy brought a real sense of pride to the work. I personally learnt a lot from her style, and so much in an environment which was also really fun - both I and the team thoroughly enjoyed working with her, her approach and ideas brought new ways of working/thinking/challenging the status quo at the bank." We Challenge Status Quo


"An asset right from the start; even without context Joy was very thoughtful and observant, which is a great counterbalance to many conversations in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Her commitment to thoughtful facilitation, her curiosity, and her ability to at the same time grasp specialised content quickly, and provide an outside perspective to stakeholder behaviours and interactions. It was a pleasure."  We Counterbalance Conversations


"Joy brought not just thorough research but a sense-making model to the material that will continue to yield value going forward... and put up with us - made it a pleasure to work with her." We Deliver Sense-making Insights

"We were happy about the engagement that the session generated, the structure of the day, the creativity and considered facilitation. Our project showed the importance of co-creation, the importance of external insight. Joy brought a calming, pensive, attentive, and thought provoking and a gentle manner.We Engage & Co-create