Joy At Large

Graphic Recording & Visual Storytelling

While Elon Musk is inventing Neuralink, we turn your brain's ideas in to elegant visualisation that others can see, reflect, and engage with. Do you have a large event, talk, pitch, launch, to get people seeing and talking? These visualisation services are designed to strettttttttch your impact. 




We recommend these Graphic Recording Packages for Events*:

  • Murals LIVE 
  • Graphics LIVE**
  • Sketchnote LIVE
  • Sketchnote Pre-recorded 

Visual Storytelling

And Visual Storytelling Packages for Ideas*:

  • Visual Storytelling for Individuals
  • Visual Storytelling for Organisations**

Examples of how we might work together:


Push beyond graphic recording. We use more than just ink to bring your ideas to life. Great for large conferences with an interactive agenda. We take over a large wall, on-the-spot at large events. 


Real-time graphic recording to engage and drive collaboration in workshops and events. We turn key ideas, concepts, keynotes, panels, meeting discussions into elegant visualisations. Visualised on-the-spot, digitised post-event, and ready for marketing and reports.


For launches, talks, presentations that need visualisations to go online STAT. Simple, no-frills, elegant. Also, why not add a human element to a virtual event?


Like Sketchnote LIVE, but done yesterday: you want unique visualisations to work the circuit BEFORE your event. Best paired with a PR release, pre-event Tweet, or Instagram. 


You are the busy individual who needs creative space to update yourself on your personal development, personal brand, or your business. Turn the flow of your thoughts in a visual story you, your business, and your clients can engage with and follow - gain more mileage with your ideas.

We fused together coaching and visualisation to help brilliant, creative, but stuck individuals find the story they want to tell. Great for your TEDx assignment, your start up's pitch, and your white paper's presentation. 


Designing a visualisation service for organisations.
Coming soon.



This is a request form only. Once we have agreed to the terms of our engagement, the workshop will be invoiced generally on the following schedule:

Upfront to Secure Dates: 50%

Completion of Graphic or Visualisation: 50%

*Standard pricing available upon request. Prices exclude VAT. Open to discussions about packaging options and retainers - we will work with you to find a solution that fits your budget. Special rates for non profits are also available upon request.

**These are included in sessions and workshops as appropriate.