New Cards: The Phoenix Checklist

The Phoenix Checklist

Imagine your problem is something you could hold and view from every angle: that's what the CIA did

This is the first of a series of play cards I was inspired to build. The aim is to allow ways for different creative techniques to mix, have cards to move about with friends, and have fun.

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The CIA created the Phoenix Checklist, a list of questions that encouraged its agents to view a problem from every angle. Imagine your problem is something you can hold up and turn around every way, around, up and under.

The Phoenix deck includes:

  • 2 instruction cards
  • 19 problem-finding questions, in white
  • 24 solution-building questions, in green
  • 4 blanks for Notes

I take no credit for the content: the Phoenix Checklist is publicly available and open source, and I am excited about passing it on. The only difference I made for the deck was to adapt the original questions so that each card could work on their own if taken out of sequence, and give it a basic design that aesthetically matches Clarity Cards I love to use.

You may reproduce the Phoenix Checklist on Moo.com by uploading this document. Their FAQ page will help you along. I also share a backstory about these cards and some direction-pointing if you want to make your own.

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