[Vignettes] On Listening and Facilitation

The Necessity of Listening. In a similar way to facilitation, listening seems to take an art and science form of its own, and all necessary to getting more out of life: we all think we're doing it, but it's not the best we can be doing to effect significant change.
The most part of last week was spent at a coaching course run by MOE Foundation, which is the culmination of Darren Robson's inspirational life journey. The group behind this aims to transform the lives of young people, our communities, our societies by creating a coaching movement: holding spaces that encourage thinking, changing behaviours by fostering a growth mindset.

Also, facilitation to better meetings is a recurring theme amongst conversations and groups I have met. It's a curious proposition, because while my analytical mind champions the use case, there is something I feel is amiss, and possibly speaking for most people, it's because we are not quick to draw its relevance to our specific context. Like trending idea of experience-as-a-service, facilitation as a marketable product is understood as an experience to be felt, not described. I'm looking forward to how these thoughts will evolve with the more I see over the years.