Wrap Up Wednesday

Get it done. It won't be perfect. If you fail, start again! This seems to be a recurring mantra of our (millennial) time. That and the motif of self-care.

In the spirit, I have decided to unclog a few website issues that did not flow

  • All graphics, sketches etc. will be now publicly available via Facebook.
    Flickr, Insta, (Squarespace suggested a few more portfolio-led plug-ins) and Dropbox just don't hold a candle to the ease of loading, reorganising and captioning photos. And not to mention sharing them without sending out notifications! As a fairly private person, adjusting privacy settings still gives me goosebumps.
  • No more content on graphics on this blog, only the learning process if it's worth noting.
  • Content will now be fairly informal, shorter, candid, and possibly littered with annoying mistakes. I can no longer subject my friend, or any friend, to the voluminous task of reading verbose and frankly alien stories. Not especially they are an English major used to absorbing a higher complexity of verse.
  • The topics will mainly be reactions, questions, reflections and actions on topics of interest.

The website has been tweaked numerous times, and like rearranging furniture, something still doesn't quite sit right. However, the spirit is still the same: sharing as much as I logistically can knowing there are friends, strangers who could benefit.

Bring on (more) change!

On the topic of self-care, the buzzwords that return in conversations, learning materials, workshops etc. are self-compassion, self-kindness, doing right by you so you can do right my others. Their meanings are broad ranging, everywhere from the metaphysical to the physical. 

It was just today that it clicked in my mind how I have implicitly and explicitly sought to shore up care for myself. For the week until this afternoon, there was some anxiety about the value of coaching during this part of my journey. The first and most recent session was incredibly useful, a sort of sounding board and third-person synthesis about a series of very hard questions posed as pre-session homework. Today would have been the second session, except I still could not identify what it was that coaching was helping me to fix. Because of the high-touch nature of this journey, I have had the privilege of getting a lot of input and any fix that needed fixing was exposed to me to take away to, well, action. Fix. 

So Jess, my coach, did something super amazing: without any clarity to start with, I realised in reaction to her questions that I needed coaching as a way to care for Joy the Facilitator. I think it came when she asked: what's the connection between all the work we're going to do with your work / life. I think as I dive into a few projects, there is certainly something to be said about requiring professional support while you give professional support, especially in the realm of complex, high-touch, emotionally demanding work. Achievement unlocked in self-care. 

And finally for the first time in three months, after recovering from stepping on shards of emotional glass, I put myself back in the gym. A gym class, I should say. I died. And realised that gyms packed with testosterone sparks a bad allergy. Psychologically, locking yourself into a 12-month contract also does something to light up my Be Lazy self, so I've signed up to try a session that compresses workouts into 30 minutes a pop at a nearby concept gym. Welcome efficient endorphins. Mind, emotions and body. It's hard to believe I'm back from the points of no seeming return.

On the side, it's coming up to 10 years of staying in London. And yet it's been a year of firsts:

  • Witnessing a way-back-when school friend marry, and another one pass away
  • Brisbane
  • Finding friendship with a stranger on a plane (never happened before)
  • Breaking up with my job
  • A mentor, maybe another one too
  • Getting my settlement visa / not having to think about visas
  • Compounded moving homes and ending relationships - in the same year!
  • Taking on a coach
  • A great circle of (new) girlfriends who meet monthly over Turkish breakfasts
  • Discovering the local Library (you get e-versions of The Economists, Wired, Forbes free - ask me how)
  • Tate Modern, two Fridays ago
  • Winchester
  • Lisbon, coming soon
  • Visiting the Cotswolds - tomorrow! 

What a gift of events. Even the painful ones. And I snuck in just one which was not quite a first (the girlfriends) but Thanksgiving is coming and it's a noteworthy item.