Headlines from the Frontline [Part 1]

The heat of last week has passed, but it seems no where near the end, and I am craving time to study with focus again. 

Where to even begin! 

Project Diversity. I have teamed up one of my favourite people to deliver a workshop with the Big Hairy Goal (as described in a book advised by my mentor for this subject) of creating a movement. How does one deliver large scale impact with limited resources under ruthless time constraints. We have all faced this as one of 7.4 billion people: how do we as one person or a small collective bring about systemic change? Poverty, environmental, agricultural, medical, healthcare, sustainability, etc. These words are so disproportionately small on-screen than their true gargantuan magnitude.

Switch by brothers Dan and Chip Heath proposes a model which is like a plumber's guide: how can we remove, fix, minimize the blockages on our process of change. Clarity dissolves resistance is the refrain throughout the multiple case studies which double up as inspirational how-to's. A highly recommended read for anyone who really means the change they talk about.

Project Straw Man. The first version of this was named (obnoxiously) Project Shakespeare. For innocuous fun. I keep a stock of ideas on several topics of interest of which one of the oldest is the Future of Work. In response to an article which Laurent wrote for WEF, at 2am after a long wedding day and too much dancing, it sparked a furious flow of more ideas built on the stock I spoke about. 

After this, I shared this with: 

  • a bestselling author
  • a soon-to-be author
  • a business writer
  • a friend who writes for newspapers on the side
  • a friend who writes for business  

And of course, they provided hugely helpful feedback and criticism. That was when I decided that the piece was more a straw man than anything else, and inadvertently turned into a diagnostic tool of my writing abilities. Hence the downgrade from its original title. However, the prospect excited me - this is another gift on this journey. As much as I loved to write, it was something nearly set aside after high school, and just a couple of weeks ago I am just beginning to collect a base line tools/tricks of the trade. Thanks to incredibly supportive folk who took the time to help. 

It's getting late and there's more tomorrow. Part Two to include about a course, a gig, a graduation, and motherhood.