A brief repose

A welcomed breather. Having boarded the wrong train home, I am now sitting at a station I have never been to, enjoying some mid-week respite. The air is cool and my heart is full. I am hungry, but that will be fixed soon. 

The website needs overhauling again. There is too much to share because I am not sharing fast enough. 

Writing. Since the last post, I took a fair stab at writing an article about the Future of Work, which friends and people I respect (not mutually exclusive), kindly took time to review and advise. It is a tremendously steep learning curve which excites me. I wonder how much personality informs writing styles. Is it possible to be analytical yet reserve opinion? My comfort is writing as an observer, to share but not decide what others should think about the issue; my judgments are buried inside like a ranting Aunty. 

Stop then Go. This is an unusually packed week. As things usually go, when everything happens, it happens at once. I am going to relish every moment as though it were my last. Tomorrow night I'll be scribing for a launch party, and for the rest of this week beginning today am participating in a coaching course. It feels great to tool up and get closer to an incredible vision which the MOE Foundation have set. In addition, I'm planning a workshop on diversity for the launch event of a foundation. I love the scope of themes, craft and vision across these projects. 

Currently reading. Corresponding to the books I'm currently reading are a few tenets which premise the road I'm on: 

1. Thinkertoys. Anyone can be creative. 

2. Group Genius. Innovation breakthroughs happen in groups. No exceptions. 

3. Switch: When Change is Hard. Difficult change is possible when the conditions are right. 

Signing off.



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