Thinkertoys: Mindpumping

Finally! I had the chance to dive into Thinkertoys as recommended by my mentor. The first and second chapters were primers for personal creativity. The premise that underpins the content is that everyone can be creative. Yes, even you. And even if you think you are creative, you can get better. And before we assume that creativity belongs to a box of our personality, it has much wider implications and betters our ability to address the world at large, which usually manifests itself in our work and personal lives as complex, interrelated and interconnected issues/problems.

Creativity helps us to see clearly the things we miss, often times valuable connections and relationships to our cost. 

I can't wait for the rest of the book, but to make sure the canvass sits right, I deliberately took the time to visualise each of the eleven tools for exercising idea generation, hoping it will signal to my brain the importance of their content and to do it. 

And to be helpful, I'm sharing it with you: