Question. The highlight of this journey are the people it draws onto my path. I struggle to choose between the content they share or the questions they ask as my next favourite thing. 

Today as I was showing my graphical captures to John, he posed the question: what's the big idea? (Paraphrasing, but same in essence.) 

Linda, a kindred spirit and quintessential entrepreneur, posed: if you were Chief Innovation Officer at Google or Facebook etc., would you be happy? 

Other questions, a couple from my coach Jess: what lights you up? What do you want people to say about you when you receive an award 20 years from now?  

A piece of advice for anyone starting out, keep a jar of the questions worth collecting.

The Grand Plan. In response to John's question, I started to sketch something conceived from the last meeting with the CEO of my previous firm - it's an ugly drawing but summarises exciting potential. John calls it the tapestry. It's looks a little sorry now but I'll explain the grand plan it's supposed to show. 

Again, incredibly grateful for John's gift of an Artefact starter pack. Great when you want to break the mental routines of post-it notes.

Again, incredibly grateful for John's gift of an Artefact starter pack. Great when you want to break the mental routines of post-it notes.

Starting from the left: the X? That's me; right at the start of this journey which, God willing, will see sufficient years to unfold. 

The thinner line next to X is the stick of facilitation, which is starting to look more like facilitative design. 

The thicker line after that is the first fecund ground of exploration. I may be wrong, but for now this is obviously Fintech.

John put it aptly, the end result is a tapestry that weaves ideas across disciplines. In my view, there is creative value in curated randomness. What the other lines are is still to be determined. In my post about recent graphical exercises, I have taken interest in healthcare, data sciences cross topics, transport, energy... My hunch is that by the time I branch out of my first path, these disciplines will be evolved derivatives of industries and technological applications we know today. There may be entirely new ones too, considering the political and economic factors pushing services out of existence and demanding new ones. 

Little X in the corner is one of c. 7.4 billion people. The dots furiously jotted around the tapestry are a subset of the 7.4 billion of people who are going to make this happen, too; each of them probably sitting in between disciplines already, or way outside. The possibilities are thrilling and limitless.

Another hunch that facilitative design is going to be instrumental in birthing new ways of solving the next generation of problems. But let's see. All that said, I am still learning to give names to sparking ideas in my mind, to perceive relationships, discover value and make connections.

There is so much to know, understand and do that I hope the tapestry isn't really a pitchfork I fall on.