Wrap Up Friday

Day 11. What a gorgeous way to end the week. Not without dips. And a couple of black outs from intense heat. And a pipeline of not a few thoughts in draft to write up.


Monday. Explored the Club WorkingSpace @ London Bridge with @nicolejberg - a spot that offers storage space, not common apparently. It's what you wished your high school D&T workshop looked like, not the most conducive for doing stretches of concentrated work, but there are super interesting people perching there. Streams of name dropping celebrities by maybe television producers. And the pithy buzz of charity recruiters. Not boring, but hard to get anything really done.


Tuesday. Full day workshop at Anthemis. Ooh-ahh moment when saliva samples were up for grabs with @mutolabs by @anabjain of @superflux.


Wednesday. A brunch spent at the LSE Library gathering reading material. I forget how difficult it gets to find real estate in the building, even in summer it is sparse. Course collection is available during non-term time, score. Also, as much as I dislike e-books, we need them. Returned to the office to process facilitation material, followed by an intense session with my mentor. Tip: sharing is caring especially through my public Evernote notebook. 


Thursday. Last down day until next August. Planning, processing workshops and mentor sessions. Capped off with an introduction to UX Design at General Assembly. The world of design is vast. More on that here.


Friday. Full throttle. Kicked off the morning at Wayra for another revitalizing workshop with @metaspeech. Gorgeous girls, inside and out. This is what we did. Followed by an empowering meet up with @adizah_tejani at Level39. Can't wait to see more of her as she springboards to the next great thing. And the icing / cherry / rainbow sprinkles / custard to top off the day: hanging out with @gaiaines @slowtokyo and the gang at Hawker House feat. the future of ice cream @ChinChinLabs. #realfriends indeed.