So What Do You Do?

Day Nine. Most often asked question I have been getting recently is 'What do you do?', which usually sparks an existential rollercoaster. So I'll show you instead, what's been keeping up in the mornings.

And as it is, it will seem like a Ford Model T blueprint, instead of this. Or this

Workflowy. This list started with three projects about a month ago. But anything that is a bullet point here is a spinning plate, some are areas of pursuit, the others hygienic upkeep. 

In no particular order:

Project Cerebro. I am tracking the changing shape of my social network using Polinode, a data visualisation tool. 

Project Stop Gap. All the books to read, travel plans, online webinars, programs to learn during what might be a quiet month of August. In addition to moving homes.

Project Know Thyself. A series of self-reflective exercises to go through in August. One includes Design Your Life by Stanford recommended by a friend.

Projects Joy @ Large. A bucket of ideas across these projects I am planning to share by writing. And anything related to content I am capturing as part of this learning journey, hopefully to be helpful.

Project Future of X. There is a thesis (theses) I wish to explore which is WIP: how will the futures of diverse industries intersect, and what will this look like in 2050. 

Project Get Technical. Self-explanatory. There was always the old HTML, Adobe Photoshop pre-teen who wants to learn how things work and build stuff. Design straddles thus, Futures and Facilitation. 

Project Meet and Greet. Communities I want to explore, get involved with or belonging to, people I want to get to know. 

Project Dora. Events and meet ups of particular interest.

Project Alexandria. An index / roadmap of information I am feeding on - book lists, how my news gets to me and where from. 

Let's see how this list continues to diverge and converge over time. One thing clearly missing which will soon be added is a project exploring social impact. Gut feeling is that it will take a significant chunk of interest over time. And I am already seeing some difficulty in fixing these categories when articles, organisations, people, content, etc. span a few of these. In flux, and it feels right.