Headlines from the Frontline [Part 2]

This was not the original post intended for this subject, but I have to explain the radio silence.

I am terribly excited for this Friday. Recounting the stats for this project started to sound like the 12 Days of Christmas; on the Friday of 6/10 my dear friend gave to me:

50 stakeholders
30 planning hours
12-page long script
6 planning calls
5 speakers/panelists
4 design revisions
3 hours to jam
2 partners
1 awesome purpose-drive movement

I can't wait for it to happen. And to share it with you.

Now to do magazine mock ups; a super friend @lazy_muffin hashed one together, but as it turns out, Central Europeans like Forbes more (we used Times). The scope of this project has also had me cut out speech bubble shapes from coloured card just now. I love every minute of this, and in some ways am bracing myself for the emotional dip post-event which my mentor warned me about. Adrenaline compels me to squash whatever I can in the next 48 hours. 

I have so much to write about, it has turned into a guilt monster, which is starting to look like Graveler growing out of my left shoulder. I peg my MIA to (in no chronological order): getting screwed by Foxtons, taking a couple of courses by MOE and Theory U, the hangout in Berlin, Sensecamp in Lisbon, the T&T scribing gig, meeting lots of super interesting people, saying goodbye to friends (and making new friends in process), trying The Lab, exhibitions. All activity spans three weeks this Monday.  If these, I'd say meeting people has taken up quite a chunk of time. And usually I start blogging about it. And get interrupted. And the drafts never see the light of day. Evernote holds them until time frees up. 

I mean to tweak my website, plan to write more, kick off a new project which will take me to the end of November, refigure out a brief for another project end November, and find first projects with a couple of people I liked. Learn how to talk money which I hate, learn how to work in new groups who have no idea what you do, learn to be kind to myself (with the help of the beautiful Jess Heading). Take improv classes. Also, finally respond to an RSA nomination and Action Tutoring. This paragraph has now turned into a useful to-do list.

As for self-care, I see my diet, fitness, social life, and quiet me/study/reading/writing/sketching time take a tumble. My breath is shortening and it is hard to sleep with a mind buzzing with ideas, and plans. I am meeting people, seeing ideas, writing, but can't keep up with sharing them. Which is the purpose of this space to begin with. 

December will be a welcomed pitstop. Already I have plans to complete a series of podcasts about philosophy, which I want to turn into sketch notes, fully absorbing them. I can't wait for that.

So to sum up, I'll be back in a short while! 

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