[Vignettes] Dystopia through the lens

Without the intention of searching out ideas about future dystopia, it has made itself a twice-in-a-week feature recently. 

A new friend flagged the 25th anniversary of Akira, which London celebrated by screening for a week. Considering this was devised in 1988, it is remarkable that the same existential questions have matured from being provocative to fairly mainstream: who are we? what are we here for? is anti-establishment bad / the establishment evil? how far is too far in an augmented reality? 

Again, and without design, I found myself in an immersive experience of Deleted Beach. This was part Emilia's doing (which by the way I joy to see again having known her through the Anthemis Fellowship program), and a trip to Berlin with an agenda that consists of no more than a return ticket.

As much as this topic fascinates me, it is the medium of film to explore versions of future realities to incite behavioural changes that I am keen to experiment with. If not film, then other mediums which enhance collaboration, vividness of possible complex worlds, creating through immersive experiences.