—  About Joy

—  About Joy

Joy Blundell is a facilitator who runs alongside leaders and advocates for collaborative change.

Joy designs flexible, creative structures for workshops, meetings, events, that require deep collaboration to address and work through complex problems. Clients approach her to frame and structure workshop agendas, information, and environments that help groups do their best thinking, flow better together, and energise outcomes for action, all in the spirit of driving meaningful change.

Her superhero power lies in her ability to create highly visual workshop experiences. She uses it like Spiderman's web (or even Thor's hammer) to crack through tough group issues. 

She is a Singaporean who hails from Brunei, based in London with a background in Financial Services, specifically FinTech.


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She works alongside other agents for change - catalysts in large corporates, venture studios, design consultancies, start ups, accelerators, trade bodies, social enterprises, and non-profit organisations - on strategic and innovation projects requiring creative problem-solving and deep collaboration.

Her clients include: Santander, BNP Paribas Fortis, Experian, Rainmaking Innovation, FinTechStage, Global Maritime Forum, Innovate Finance, TESOBE, Smithery, Innovation Arts, Changeist, HERD, 11FS, SAM Labs, Cybertonica, FriendlyFires, UnLtd, Small Media UK, Climate-KIC, Humane Society International, Torbay Community, Mandala Group & more.


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About Joy At Large

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Joy At Large is motivated by Alvin Toffler's insight:

'The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.'

We believe that facilitation is key to 21st-century literacy.  Our mission is to make this craft accessible to as many people as possible, with joy. 


Joy At Large is a moniker modified from Joy's previous life working for a FinTech investor. She took the leap when she discovered that facilitation aligned her creative capabilities, interest in workshop design (starting with the MG Taylor / ASE methodology), and vision of a future requiring deeper collaboration in response to complex problems. In the face of accelerating change, novel challenges, and increasing complexities, organisations and individuals face a pressing need to learn, unlearn, and relearn. It is the work of Joy At Large to encourage and facilitate the mastering of this 21st-century literacy.

'At Large'

'At Large' is an expression which means 'to escape, to be at liberty'. It also means 'to be as a whole', referring to a body of knowledge or people. We enjoy its double entendre: to experience freedom from mainstream traditions in the way we think and work by harnessing the collaborative intelligence and spirit of the group, whether this be your team, organisation, or community. 

Facilitation allows us to take our experiences, see them in different lights, and improve the way we make critical decisions in a world accelerating in uncertainty and complexities.