Joy At Large
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What We Do

Joy At Large was founded to help you design and facilitate workshops and events through facilitation consulting and learning.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You need to influence and achieve impact through collaboration within your organisation but perhaps have no formal authority.
  • You are a designer, a consultant, a change maker, an innovator or an intrapreneur.  Or maybe you're in a technical role but find yourself having to run workshops with diverse stakeholders.

  • You typically get in an external facilitator to design and facilitate your workshops, but your latest project requires domain knowledge in Financial Services, Financial Regulation, FinTech and so on.

  • You are new to facilitation and looking for a way to quickly get going on your facilitation learning journey.  

  • You don't have a lot of time or budget to use a facilitator and prefer targeted hacks to learn facilitation, or to get help with your facilitation.

We have had designers, venture studios, entrepreneurs, executives, industry leaders, trade bodies, business schools, social enterprises, not-for-project organisations, graphic scribes, facilitators, business coaches, trainers, consultants, and many others facilitate with us. 


What We Offer

Our tiered offerings are structured to offer you the flexibility to get facilitation support, and learning, where and when you want


You have targeted facilitation learning needs, and/or need targeted support in designing and preparing your workshop

You need targeted practical support and/or coaching during your workshop with development feedback afterwards

You just need someone to design and facilitate your workshop for you

You'd like to learn facilitation at your own pace and your own place